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Using traditional therapies NUYO aims to improve your health and wellbeing to create harmony in both mind and body.

Discover Your Greatest Self.

Our passion is helping clients to reach their goals, maintain the results they’ve achieved and enjoy life.

NUYO offers different therapies that help to cleanse your body and mind, aiming to achieve health and happiness, and helping clients to achieve their health goals.

Using a variety of therapies and techniques we will find a programme that works for you therefore please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about whether I can help. 

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Looking and feeling good starts from the inside. Remember you have the power to change your life… If you believe you can achieve!
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About Eleanor…

A few years ago I was suffering badly with IBS and struggling to keep my symptoms under control, throughout many trips to various doctors I never got offered more than anti-depressants which I refused knowing this wasn’t what I needed. So I decided to help myself and started studying Nutrition and attending Yoga classes.

Throughout my studies I learnt how to control my symptoms and identify what triggered my IBS, along with this new knowledge and the calming effects of my regular yoga practice I began to live a much more fulfilled and stress free lifestyle.

That was when the penny dropped… I should be spreading my new found knowledge, I wanted to help others feel as good as I felt by overcoming their health issues using traditional techniques not pills and medicines.

Then began a busy year of finishing my qualification, going to India to gain my Yoga Teacher Training certificate and qualifying in traditional Indian Head Massage.

And now here I am so thank you for visiting my website and I hope I can help you achieve your health goals…

  • A combination of will power, common sense and help of a great professional !! This is what has made me lose 12 kilos sticking to a clever plan with excellent results. Thanks to Eleanor, I ‘m happier, I ‘m eating and discovering new recipes, new food, I m not counting calories, not eating chemicals and my body is reacting better than ever. I only regret that I live so far away from her meaning I cannot try her yoga and head massage. I’m in Spain, she ‘s in England, but even with the distances, we made it together without seeing each other, so if you are reading this and you are in the UK, don’t wait to give it a try! It’s really worth it. Thank you Eleanor !!!
  • I cannot recommend this highly enough! I have tried many diets, some very well known and they all end up with the same result. I would loose 7lb over a 4 week period and get bored and put it straight back on again. Pairing what Eleanor has taught me about food and 3 visits to the gym a week has resulted in my loss of 1 1/2 stone and going from a size 16 to a size 12. I have now maintained my current weight for 6 months and lost a few extra pounds on the way. I feel better and definitely look better for it. I would recommend it to anyone!
  • I started one-to-one yoga classes with Eleanor after a struggle to grasp an understanding of the practice in a class environment. Through her positive encouragement and clear instruction Eleanor has helped me to not only achieve this physically but to also gain a deeper understanding spiritually. Eleanor’s genuine commitment and passion for Yoga is clear in her teaching and makes every class a rewarding experience. I could now not imagine my life without Yoga.
  • I've suffered for many years with my digestion and ignored it. After some painful symptoms last year I met with my GP and after tests the diagnosis was IBS. I was told to go on a low fod map diet that cut most foods from my diet. After a few months of eating very bland and repetitive foods I was put in contact with Eleanor. I'm now mostly in control of my symptoms thanks to cutting out food groups and reintroduction to my diet and intolerance discoveries. I'm now enjoying food again.
    Emma Ashington
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