Healthy Living Challenge

Healthy Living Challenge

How do you wake up in the morning?

Are you doing everything to get your day off to a good start??

I’m sure many of you reading this will be guilty of reaching straight for your phone and checking social media, or maybe hitting that snooze button one too many times and ending up rushing around to avoid being late for work! And doesn’t this just knock you out of sync for the whole day, you feel out of sorts, unprepared for the day and a little stressed!

Don’t worry I’ve been there too and it still happens sometimes, we all have ‘those’ days, but I’ve started following a few simple rules and routines for a healthy and happy morning routine which always result in a productive and happy day and even if your day does throw some curveballs at you!

  • Drink a warm water with fresh lemon as soon as you wake up, you’re dehydrated when you first wake up so it’s important to start hydrating the body and warm lemon water works on detoxing the body, flushing out toxins and revving up your metabolism.
  • Next get on your mat… Whether it be an hour’s sweaty practice, 20 minutes of slow practice or even just 10 minutes of sun salutations it doesn’t matter, just make sure you move your body. Stretch, breathe and move for however long you can, I often just do a series of sun salutations if I don’t have time for anything else.
  • However long you spend on your mat make sure you have at least 5 minutes after moving your body to calm the mind, be that in a long savasana or a short meditation take some time to just be with your body and breath and calm the mind.
  • After your practice it’s time to step in the shower. Many of us just see our morning shower as something that has to be done and we get it over with as quickly as possible, often thinking about what we have to do that day, what to wear, what to eat or anything else that clogs and stresses the mind. However this is one of the only times in the day we don’t have to really think about anything else, so try using this time to think about what you’re grateful for, think of all the positive things that happened yesterday and things that make you smile or laugh…. Laugh out loud if you want, it might feel strange at first but it makes you feel great, some sing in the shower so why not laugh!
  • After my shower I always like to moisturise with coconut oil, I give my body a full massage getting the blood flowing and allowing my skin to absorb all the benefits of the coconut oil. I also love the smell and love getting the coconutty aromas throughout the day!
  • Lastly nourish your body with a nutrient rich super fuelling breakfast; whether that be oats, eggs, juices or smoothies… have something that makes your body love you and gives you all the nutrients and fuel you need to get your day off to a bang! Some of my favourites are a greens smoothie or homemade muesli if I’m in a rush or if I have a little more time I’ll go for eggs with kale and spinach, and tomatoes on rye bread.

So this is what works for me, I’m not saying it will be perfect for you but use it as a template or a trial run, play with some of the elements and create a morning routine that works for you, something that sends you off on your day with a big smile on your face and ready to deal with whatever the day throws at you x