I am new to blogging and not sure what to write so i’m going to start with is talking about my yoga journey…

The health benefits of yoga are endless but i’ll admit I went to my first class thinking it might just be a good way to tone up and lose weight however this is definitely not the only benefit of yoga and a few months later I discovered yoga for a different reason. After going through a rather stressful time I tried yoga as a form of stress relief, once I started to see yoga as something that is good mentally as well as physically I noticed many other benefits and fully committed to my yoga practice and wanted to learn more about all the other parts of yoga. For the next two years I read everything I could find, I practiced every day, tried lots of different types of yoga and learnt how to calm my mind and use yoga to improve my health.

It was then time for the next step so I enrolled on a teacher training programme in Goa, India and spent 6 glorious weeks immersed in the yogic lifestyle and traditions and loved every sweaty minute of it!

Since being back I have been teaching classes in Chichester and doing private classes around Sussex, I’ll never forget my first class…sweaty palms, butterflies in my stomach, shaky voice…I was so nervous but it went well and I got great feedback from the 4 wonderful students who came. Since then my Chichester classes have grown and I have just added two new classes to my schedule.

My teaching style has developed and evolved over the last few months and I love teaching more than ever, I still get nervous but I like that…all the time i’m nervous I know how much I care. After building my confidence in my classes I was able to start branching out into teaching breathing, meditation and yoga theory in various workshops.

I am excited about my teaching future and bringing more and more yoga to Chichester and Sussex.

A passion shared is a passion doubled.

Namaste x