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Acceptance is not something that comes easily to many of us… think about it…
Do we accept ourselves who we are or are we constantly trying to change ourselves into what we think would be a perfect version of ourselves?
Do we accept others for they are or are we quietly judging and making comparisons?
Do we accept that sometimes things won’t go to plan and that’s ok or do we overthink and let these things ruin our whole day?
Do we accept that those people we follow on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook aren’t as perfect as they look and that everyone has bad days and struggles at times, or do we assume they have these perfect lives that we must match?

Accepting who we are right down to our core and loving that person can be one of the hardest things to do but will be the greatest achievement.

Let’s start by accepting the external factors, accept those around you for who they, love them for who they are… love the fact that they think differently to you, love the fact that they dress differently, love the fact that they have opposing opinions, love the fact that they challenge you… We are all wonderful beings and our differences are what makes us great, we aren’t made to be robots, let’s celebrate our differences!

Now let’s tackle those ‘bad days’, those ‘one things gone wrong so now everything sucks’ days that turn you into a negative, energy zapping Moaning Myrtle! Life is full of twists and turns, we are constantly growing and learning and changing so why on earth would we expect everything to go exactly as planned. The energies within the planet and all the beings around us is constantly changing, it changes to work with you and the energies we’re giving off so when things don’t go to plan it’s because you’re being led to something better or down a new path, even if it doesn’t always feel like this! So trust in fate, accept what’s happened and move on….

Once you’ve mastered this you should be well on your way to self-acceptance! A big part of self-acceptance is enjoying your own company so spend the day with yourself…don’t be afraid to be with your own thoughts, write a journal, read a book…do whatever makes you happy and feeds your soul, listen to your internal voice and allow it to speak positively, allow you to love you!

Remember that you’re already a perfect version of yourself, and if you love yourself and live a life that allows you to love yourself then the rest will all just fall into place.

And for goodness sake can we all agree right now that we won’t try to be those people that we put up on a pedestal, we will accept that what we see is not the full picture and that we do not need to try and be people we’re not.

If you fall off the love bandwagon at any point… Take a moment to be with yourself, close your eyes, breathe and repeat this affirmation:
‘I am perfect just the way I am,
I create my own happiness,
My life is my life and I have the power to make it great’