Are you prepared for the first full moon of 2017?

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Are you prepared for the first full moon of 2017?

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The full moon is always a good time for a fresh start, a time to reassess, recharge and reflect on where you are in life. A time to set intentions and goals and help turn them into reality. 

The January full moon is a particularly good time to reset as it is your chance to reflect on the last year and set your intentions for the new year. 

January’s full moon is also know as the Hunger Moon so spend this weekend thinking about what you were hungry for in 2016, what did you crave that maybe you didn’t find or couldn’t accomplish. Identify this and then take time to journal, meditate and focus on how you will achieve it in 2017. Use the powers and the light of the full moon to illuminate how you will achieve your goals; make plans and start taking steps towards creating the life you love.

This is also an important time for self love and self care as January’s cold, dark and unforgiving vibe tends to reach its peak at this time of month so look after yourself and love your body by staying warm and cosy, eating warming nutritious food, drinking lots of herbal tea and moving your body. 

Tomorrow’s Full Moon Yoga will work through Flow sequences and postures to help you harness the powers of the full moon, calm your mind and focus your intentions. We will focus on grounding, warming and energising postures to support our bodies through this cold and dark time of year.

So look after yourself for the next few days, enjoy the wonders of the full moon and use it to create a positive, happy and productive 2017!