Honouring the Full Moon

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Honouring the Full Moon

On Monday of this week we welcomed a full moon, I love this time of month and always use it as time for reflection and to create positive energy. This month I decided I wanted to extend this opportunity to my wonderful students so I invited them all to Full Moon Yoga at The Body Suite, Chichester.

A full moon is a time to let go of what is not serving you and set seeds of intention, it allows expansion of our minds and bodies giving us the power to turn these intentions into reality and release all negativity.

However the full moon tends to reflect and expand whatever we’re feeling at that moment. If we’re angry, frustrated, anxious we could be deepening these feelings if the power of the full moon is not used correctly. Therefore it is important to recognise the full moon and open ourselves up to its gifts. Spend some time clearing your mind, meditate, practice yoga and concentrate on what you’re grateful for, what brings positivity to your life and what you want from life.

This is why I created Full Moon Yoga, we started the class with an intention setting opening savasana giving students time to clear their minds and focus their intentions. We then moved into a flowing set of heart opening postures and movements allowing us to calm our minds and bodies and allow love and positivity into our hearts. Heart opening postures and back bends also allow the release of stresses and tensions in the body.

We completed class with a long and meditative savasana using visualisation to ground us and release what is not serving us.

It was such a beautiful class, all of my lovely yogis moving and breathing together created such a wonderful peaceful energy in the room.

I recommend all of you trying some Full Moon Yoga yourself, whether it be a short sequence or meditation at home or joining class and coming down to The Body Suite, Chichester on 23rd March for the next full moon.

And always remember this wonderful heart opening affirmation;

‘I will let go of limitations and fear and act only with love, I have the power to create the life I dream. I love and I am loved.’

Namaste x