How I learnt to listen to my class and sequence with love…

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How I learnt to listen to my class and sequence with love…

I’ve read many articles on sequencing… how to be creative, how to sequence a great class, ideas for great sequences etc, and when I started teaching I would spend ages before each class planning a sequence and worrying about whether it would work and whether the students would like it. I would be so caught up in remembering what sequence I had planned and what postures comes next that I would not notice my students, how they were feeling and whether the class was working.

As time went on I ran out of ideas for sequences, it was made harder because I had no reference I wasn’t aware of what had worked and what hadn’t as I had spent all my time focussing on the routine not feeling the energy from my class.

So I took a leap of faith and I stopped planning, I would turn up for classes and talk to my students, understand how they were feeling, absorb their energy and from that I would teach my class… I would feel the energy throughout the class and do what I thought the students needed, what would make them feel great and what would open their hearts and minds.

Every class now is slightly different even if its just how long we’re holding the poses for or how many sun salutations we do…but in each and every class my main aim is to help the students release anything they’re holding onto, clear their minds and leave them feeling calm, energised and peaceful.

At the end of each class now there’s a wonderful energy in the room and I can see my students starting to open up more and release areas of tension and emotion that have been stored for years.

So I suppose what i’m trying to say to anyone practicing yoga is don’t think too much about it, don’t worry about what pose to do next just be in the moment, breathe in the pose and go with what feels right… flow through your practice doing whatever your body and soul wants and that’s when your practice will come to life and you’ll feel amazing.

Breathe and love every part of your practice x