Its time for a bit of honesty and self love.

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Its time for a bit of honesty and self love.


Why do we insist on basing our self-worth on what we look like? We need to start focussing on what’s on the inside, that’s where real beauty lies.

We need to start being strong not skinny, to care about what makes us smile, laugh and cry rather than what we look like. We need to follow our hearts, be strong in our opinions and our beliefs and be proud of who we are.

I try to be as honest and open as I can in my posts, we all have parts of ourselves we’re scared to show and I hope that by sharing mine I can help others share too and to not be ashamed of these parts of ourselves that we think we need to hide away.

Me and my body have a chequered past, it’s always been a rather love/hate relationship. I have often worried about what’s on the outside, that my appearance will affect how someone can love me and how I can love myself. At times it has caused self-destructive behaviours and a huge lack of self-esteem so I have had to work hard to shake these thoughts, to love my body, to love what’s on the inside. Doing this has lead me to big life changes, it bought me to yoga, meditation, healthy eating and many other wonderful natural healing therapies.

Working hard on my mind and body and basically trying to rewire the way I think has helped me to be proud of what I have achieved, proud of the person I’ve grown to be and to love and respect myself.

I want you to realise that you’re already pretty perfect the way you are, look at what you’ve achieved in life and be proud of that, look at the wonderful people around you and be grateful for their love. You do not need to be skinny, pretty, tanned, and anything else that we think make us beautiful, to be loved, you just need to be you. Keep being the truest version of yourself and find people that love you for that.

But first and foremost love yourself.

I’m not going to say it’s an easy journey, for some it will be the hardest journey you’ve ever taken and may feel never ending. Believe me it’s very easy to fall back into old thought patterns and negative self-talk, you will fall off your path but you will be able to get back on it. Just keep reminding yourself that you’re a pretty awesome version of you and you deserved to be fully and completely loved for exactly who you are.

How’s that for a bit of honesty, it’s not something I love to talk about and it’s not something that comes easy to me but if it helps just one person feel better about themselves, want to be strong not skinny, want to follow their hearts and love their journey then I have done my job.

Now go do whatever you need to do to fall head over heels and completely in love with yourself x