Lets stop labelling ourselves!

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Lets stop labelling ourselves!

I have always been a healthy eater and watch what goes into my body but I made a decision a month ago to stop eating meat and animal products therefore keeping my diet saturated with raw organic fruits and vegetables, vegetable protein sources and gluten free whole grains. I have also cut out any chemical/hormone filled products and medicines sticking to only natural products. I have been feeling wonderful following this new lifestyle and can both feel and see the changes.

However the reason I’m telling you this is that as well as being celebrated for my lifestyle change I have also received criticism for instance people telling me i’m a hypocrite and not a proper vegan. So this is what I want to address… I have never and will never label myself vegan, vegetarian or anything else, I eat what I want to make my body and mind feel good and avoid anything I think shouldn’t be eating whether it be for my benefit or the benefit of other living beings.

I will not promise to never have meat again and I can’t promise that I won’t eat a chocolate bar but I will promise to live my life in a way that’s as respectful as I can be to all living beings and 90% of the time I will only put in my body things that make me feel good. But I will still have some wine, and maybe some chocolate and I will sometimes make mistakes but this is all a part of growing and learning.

Surely changing my diet and lifestyle for the better even if only a little is better than none at all and therefore I won’t feel bad for not committing fully to a particular label! Any change for the better should be celebrated and you should be proud of doing what is best for you and your body.

I am not saying anyone should do what I’m doing or change your diet in anyway if you don’t want to I’m simply saying don’t be afraid to live how you want to and don’t try to fit into the perfect little hole or labels that have been created for us.

Lastly and most importantly however you decide to live your life do it with love and never allow yourself to feel like a failure, if something goes wrong see it as a lesson or a little wake up call from your soul, listen.. learn and move forward.