The Power of Letting Go

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The Power of Letting Go

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It’s that time of year when the trees start to show us how beautiful it is to let things go…

Many of us are guilty of creating and holding onto problems because they give us a sense of identity, we hold onto pain far longer than we need to as it gives us purpose and reasons for our actions, we hold onto stress and anxiety for the same reason and sometimes even because it gives us a sense of power.

How often do we hear the phrase ‘I’m so stressed’, in this modern fast paced world stress has become almost something to be proud of, if we’re stressed it must mean we’re working hard, it must mean we’re successful.

Clinging onto past mistakes, feelings of stress, anger, worry and regret allows to keep up an emotional wall therefore avoiding dealing with our present, our actions right now, what we’re feeling right now.

We then add to our emotional suitcase by worrying about the future, what might happen tomorrow, next week, next year, allowing ourselves to be distracted and anxious about things we cannot control.

Think how much more energy we would have if we simply stopped worrying about the things we cannot control.

We believe that by holding onto these feelings we are being strong, in a ‘look how much I’m dealing with, look at how much I have on my plate’ kind of way, however the greatest strength is to actually to let go.

Letting go can be scary, we have to let down that wall, allow ourselves to feel and be present. This is not always easy but it can be life changing. By storing all these emotions we create stress and tension in the body which can manifest and cause serious health issues, therefore letting go has such an important role in both your physical and mental health.

Its important to remember its very rare that life will always be perfect and run smoothly but every moment is an opportunity to not let these imperfections bother you, a time to practice letting go.

Here’s a few ways I help myself to let go:

  • Move your body; for me that’s yoga for you it may be something different, but find a physical activity that helps you to release stress, anxiety and calm your mind.
  • Have a clear out; at some of my most weighed down times I have taken to cleaning the house, clearing out the cupboards and throwing away or passing on anything I haven’t used in 6 months, at the same time as clearing out the house I feel like I’m clearing out my mind and feel cleansed and emotionally light afterwards.
  • Focus your energy; stop using up energy on things you cannot control start focussing energy on things you can control. Maybe learn a new skill, do some volunteer work, read a motivational book anything that focusses your mind and energy on positive thoughts.
  • Cry; its ok to let it out! Watch a sad film, call a friend…whatever you need to do to get those waterworks flowing do it, and then just let it all out!
  • Allow yourself to feel; don’t bottle up your emotions, allow yourself to feel what’s going on and allow yourself to deal with it. Maybe write it down, keep a feeling journal or talk to a friend. Don’t bottle up that stress and tension or you can’t deal with it!
  • If it’s a particular situation that’s weighing you down, talk about it. Recognise how you could of handled yourself differently in the situation…learn from it and then allow it to go.
  • Lastly make a list of your accomplishments; stop dwelling on the bad things, take a moment to think about all the things you’ve achieved and all the things you’re grateful for.

Now feel the lightness in your body, feel how much energy you have to focus on the good things in life. Let’s take a lesson from nature today and start letting the leaves fall.