Time to be honest…

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Time to be honest…

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I have been struggling to blog recently and have been mulling over different topics or events to talk about and decided that actually there’s nothing better than the truth. There’s not enough truth on the internet nowadays so I have decided to be open and honest and talk about something real.

In the world of Instagram and Facebook the truth is not something you often see, we are expected to share everything and everything is expected to look perfect, we’re not showing people the real us, our real lives or real problems. These perfect unrealistic lives whilst sometimes can be inspiring are not always helpful, by sharing real problems and real feelings we may help a lot of people feeling the same or going through a difficult time. So I am going to tell you what I have been feeling lately and how I moved through it.

I’m not going to share the details but I can tell you it’s was a difficult and emotional time and I struggled to work through my feelings. Because of this I threw myself into work, keeping busy and generally bottling up any feelings or emotions. While this feels better believe me it’s not the solution, it all comes out in the end and your body will try and release these emotions in any way possible.

I suffered from lots of different feelings from being very ill to simply feeling shaky, numb and incredibly drained. I knew this was my emotions trying to escape and spent time trying to work out how to release these and allow myself to move through the different waves eventually getting to a point where I can let go and move forward. This process is slow and can’t even be taken day by day, it’s more like hour by hour. I listened to my body, and allowed myself to feel… If I woke up feeling happy I allowed myself to be happy, if an hour later I felt like I wanted to cry I allowed myself to cry. Most importantly I continue to listen and learn from my body as it goes through different feelings and emotions knowing that I am growing stronger each day.

I’ve written this post not for sympathy or attention but simply because it feels good to be honest and real, and to show that everyone goes through difficult times and everyone deals with it in different ways but the most important thing to remember is to allow yourself to deal with your emotions, don’t bottle them up, let it all out and listen to your body.

It’s ok to feel bad and it’s ok to be upset, you have to break to be able to put yourself back together.